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Project update 2

January 22 Community Information Session

AGL held a community drop in session on Monday 22 January in Hastings which was attended by approximately 200 people. Representatives from AGLs’ Environment and Pipeline teams were in attendance to answer questions.

The event was promoted as a drop-in session however with nearly half the attendees arriving at the start time many people faced lengthy waits to ask questions. People’s patience on the night was appreciated but we are aware there would be people who did not get to ask the questions they would have liked.

Feedback from the night from some residents is they would have preferred a presentation and question and answer format information session. AGL will be holding more community information sessions with the next event to accommodate the requested presentation and Q and A. We are currently looking at late March or early April for the next community session.

In talking with community members on the night there were key themes the community was seeking information on.


Many people had questions around the safety arrangements of the facility with a focus on fire risk. As the project is in the feasibility stage, the safety arrangements at the facility are still in early development. Discussions with MFB and CFA senior leadership on fire safety arrangements commenced this week. We will provide an update on safety arrangements as a focus of the next community information session and bring representatives from AGLs safety team to the meeting.

Environmental assessment

As discussed at previous engagement sessions AGL is committed to sharing information from our environmental assessments during the feasibility stage. The first of these draft reports will go on to the website over the next two weeks. These draft technical reports address environmental impacts of the FSRU operation and jetty pipeline works. They do not pertain to the onshore facility or pipeline which are the subject of separate technical reports.

The draft reports to be placed online include:

  • Environmental Noise assessment
  • Green House Gas Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Air Quality Impact Assessment
  • Flora and Fauna Assessment
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Aboriginal Heritage Due Diligence Assessment
  • Historic Heritage Assessment

Work to complete the Marine Ecosystem Regulatory Review is still underway with technical reports on cold water plume modelling, chlorine in seawater heat exchange processes and biological entrapment being completed as part of the overarching Marine Ecosystem report.
We will send out another update once these reports are online and include details on what the approval processes for the project are as they relate to the technical reports. Community members are invited to provide feedback, comments or questions on the reports.


The noise modelling that has been undertaken on the project will be one of the reports placed on line next week. The modelling shows that operation of the FSRU is compliant with recommended noise levels for all operating scenarios during day time hours, including when United Energy is also operating.
During evening and night time operations, noise from tug assisted arrivals of LNG tankers when United Energy is also operating is predicted to exceed the recommended noise levels for evening and night time periods. AGL is looking at mitigation strategies to avoid or manage this, including coordinating operations with United Energy to reduce noise should docking of LNG tankers need to occur at night.
Multiple people have mentioned issues with noise from the existing United Energy facility at Crib Point. If the project proceeds, AGL will be co-located at the site with United Energy and we are examining whether we can develop some noise attenuation measures at the site that will assist with this issue..

Property prices

Concerns were raised by several residents on the potential effects the FSRU may have on property prices in Crib Point. In an endeavor to assess whether there may be an impact on property prices, AGL has engaged a property data consultancy to provide a report on the historical house price trends in other towns and suburbs that have comparable facilities in them. This data will be compared to state trends in property price rises and should provide a guide to any historical impacts such facilities have had on property prices. This report will be shared with the community.

Crib Point to Pakenham Pipeline

Work to finalize the preferred pipeline route is making good progress. The section between Crib Point and Hastings has been firmed up and the project team was able to provide details on the preferred route option through Hastings on Monday night at the drop-in session. Work is still occurring to finalize the route from Hastings to Pakenham. AGL’s pipeline development partner APA is currently engaging with all potential land owners who may be affected by the proposed pipeline route.

Crib Point Jetty remediation works

The Port of Hastings Development Authority is preparing to commence remediation works on the Crib Point Jetty to allow the continuous mooring of an FSRU vessel and visiting LNG carriers should AGL proceed with the project. The repair works will remediate the decommissioned berth 2 at the southern end of the Crib Point Jetty making it available for use by the Port Authority. Users of Western Port can expect to see remediation activity on the jetty site commencing in March/April this year.


For more information on the project visit www.engageagl.com.au or call Jay Gleeson on 0499 027 630.


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